Danninger parole hearing postponed until July 26
Danninger parole hearing postponed until July 26

    Danninger parole hearing postponed until July 26


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    A fourth postponement of a parole hearing for the killer of Brockville's Andy Moffitt has put the case off until July 26.

    The hearing for Henry Danninger, sentenced to five years for manslaughter for stabbing Moffitt to death at a bar in Ottawa in 1988, has already been postponed three times since December.

    In a letter to the media, Moffitt's mother Paulette said she was told by Corrections Canada the postponement was not "within Danninger's control."

    Danninger requested the first three postponements and Moffitt didn't have an explanation for what happened this time.

    "All we care is that Andy's killer is kept behind bars where he belongs," she said.

    "He was only sentenced to five years and we truly believe he should be made to put in the five years behind bars where he belongs."

    Moffitt has waged an active media campaign about what she feels is the injustice of the sentence given to Danninger in Ontario Superior Court in March, 2003.

    Justice Roydon Kealey sentenced Danninger to eight to nine years in prison but it was reduced to five years for time served awaiting trial.

    Danninger had served less than two years when he first applied for a parole hearing last fall.

    Moffitt plans to read a victim impact statement at Danninger's hearing to try to keep him behind bars for the full five years.

    She said other statements have also been prepared by family, close friends, an Ottawa detective and a Victims of Crime representative.

  • Published in Section A, page 3 in the Friday, April 15, 2005 edition of the Brockville Recorder & Times.
  • Posted 4:29:28 PM Friday, April 15, 2005.


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